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> From: GSP1954@aol.com
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Date: Monday, October 06, 1997 8:14 PM
>My opinion is that
> Gurche is the best ARTIST among the bunch, Mark and I are operating at a
> similar level. Henderson does very nice atmospherics. 

I must disagree with GSP here.  John Gurche is a very talented artist- no
doubt, but since when does photo realism make one the best ARTIST?  For my
money Doug Henderson kicks everybody's ass on all levels.  "Very nice
atmospherics" hardly does him justice.  In terms of putting the animals in
a WORLD where they seem to live and fit, Doug is unchallenged.  In terms of
original and interesting compositions, he also rules (for instance the down
shot of water with Dipolcaulus and muddy leaves etc, and the drowned,
floating Einiosaurus).  I very much like and admire Greg's work (especially
his black and white stuff) and it has improved dramatically over the years,
but I find many of his paintings rather flat and stiff compared to some.

There is increasing fossil evidence (presented by others) that many
sauropods where adorned with arrays of
> spine-like scales. 

 Speaking of the sauropos skin decorations, what is this "increasing fossil
evidence" and where can we see it?  That sounds very interesting but I've
only heard about some on the tail of a diplodicid (Czerkas' paper).  Is
there more?

> GSPaul