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I try to draw a few dinosaurs myself.  I'm not bad, but I only wish I was
as good as any of those we are discussing.  The "photo-realism" of Gurche
is outstanding.  The "atmosphere" as well as the group dynamics, action
sequences, and light vs. shade (possibly same as "atmosphere") of Doug
Henderson's black and white work is excellent.  Greg Paul's black and
whites are also astonishing, and possibly the most up-to-date as far as
anatomical ideas go.  Brian Franczak's paintings (to me) are a
complement to Paul's black and white work!  Good work! all of you!  

What's the point?  The discussion in this topic has been focused primarily
on the shortcomings of some of these artists.  Although this may not be
completely a bad thing (we must see our weaknesses if we are to improve),
I believe that we should also mention the areas where these artists excel.
I know that they all put their hearts and souls into their work and I
applaud them.