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Giant Oxford pliosaur

Dann Pigdon wrote:

>In 1996 pliosaur remains from the Jurassic Oxford clays in
>England were found. By comparing the cervical vertebrae with >those of
Kronosaurus the new pliosaur was estimated to have >been 18-20 metres long
and perhaps weighing up to 50 tonnes. >The findings were presented at the
1996 meeting of the >Pal.Association in England.

Extraordinary. I was unaware of that specimen. A 20 metre pliosaur is
certainly at the top of the list, if we exclude filter feeders and

Caitlin R. Kiernan

"To sum up the matter, it is plain that most of Prof. Marsh's criticisms are
misrepresentations, his systematic innovations are untenable, and his
statements as to the dates of my papers are untrue. I might now proceed to
characterize the effrontery on such proceedings in fitting terms, but
forbear, believing that with a little change of scene the author of them will
be as glad to bury them in oblivion as the writer of this notice."

-- E.D. Cope (1873)