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temptation re: Second Thoughts on Sue

Jeff wrote:

>At 05:20 PM 10/6/97 -0400, Gothgrrl@aol.com wrote:
>>I mean, just *imagine* the jobs that could have been created, the
>>research that could have been conducted, the *other* invaluable specimens
>>that could have been collected, the publications and expeditions that might
>>have been funded,
>   I highly suspect the number is 0.  Without "Sue," there wouldn't have
>BEEN $8 million available.  You shouldn't assume that if McD and the Mouse
>were willing to fork over the buck$ for "Sue" they would also be willing to
>fork it over for more mundane stuff.

But suppose that now someone breaks into the museum and steals the thing.  They 
collect on the 
insurance and the money will go to fund palaeontology.  And the thief gets a 
wonderful skeleton 
to work on.  Now THERE's temptation.


P.S. But don't do it!  I don't want to be charged with being an accessory 
before the fact, or 
whatever it is.  You'll never be able to publish your findings, anyway.  Plus, 
think of all the 
people who'll miss out on seeing Sue.