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Re: Dino reference books

Pieter.Depuydt@rug.ac.be wrote:

> Yes, Carroll's epic tome still has a prominent place on my bookshelf.
> It's quite incredible.  It indeed offers information about almost
> all fossil vertebrate 'groups', from captorhinids to therocephalians,
> antiarchs to multituberculates, microsaurs to mesonychids,  has a
> wealth of accurate illustrations, often from the primary literature,
> and is very well referenced. 

Does anyone on this list know where I may purchase a copy of Carroll's

SNIP.......some kind of  a 'pre-cladistic' way of  grouping taxa, a kind
> of 'who is who' in fossil vertebrates; there's quite little phylogeny
> in it. 


I presently only have a passing knowledge of cladistics and would like
any suggestions
of what I should read as a introductory primer on the subject. Thank you
for your help.


Jim Wyatt