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About Archaeopteryx and The Solhofen Lagoon

   I received this e-mail today.  Since I'm going out of town, I won't be
able to formulate an answer.  Since the e-mails he refers to came from this
list, maybe some brave souls could help him out.  It might be worth sending
the replies to the list as well.  If you want to see what was said
originally, the page URL is given in the message headers.

>Return-Path: mkallone@kokl.oulu.fi
>Date: Wed, 08 Oct 1997 16:44:39 +0300
>From: Marja Kallonen-Rönkkö <mkallone@kokl.oulu.fi>
>To: jpoling@dinosauria.com
>Subject: About Archaeopteryx and The Solhofen Lagoon
>X-URL: http://www.dinosauria.com/jdp/jdp.htm#dromey
>In your story about Archaeopteryx and The Solhofen Lagoon comes out, 
>that at least the bottom waters were anoxic. 
>1. But what is, really, the prove for that claim? 
>2. The page contains some public E-mail. On of the messages speaks about 
>sediment layers connecting to the water surface; the sediment layer and 
>water's surface were near to each other. But I don't get it! When I had 
>read the message, I had some kind of picture in my mind that has a 
>laguun full of sendiment! That isn't possible at all! One reason for my 
>misunderstood was my not-so good english language (I'm a Finn!), but try 
>to explain me the point of the story with a more "reasonable" way, 
>somebody! Please!
>3. One claims on the page, that only bottom waters of the lagoon were 
>anoxic, because if all water would be anoxic, no kind of animals that 
>breath oxygen that is in the water (like fish) couldn't have lived 
>there. And then there would be no fossils of them.
>  But I can't understand how dead birds would have got in the bottom 
>waters FOREVER. At first, they would have been lighter than water, and 
>they would flout on the water surface level. And second, spoilting 
>animals rise to the water surface. They would sink later, but then they 
>wouldn't be anymore very well-preserved. 
>  How do you explain this?
>Henri Rönkkö, E-mail: mkallone@kokl.oulu.fi
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