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Re: Scandinavian dinos!!!....aaaaand some spinosaur stuff....

At 10:59 PM 08/10/97 -0400, you wrote:
>And I believe that some other spinosaurs had back sails...
>possibly Altispinax dunkeri and Siamosaurus suteethorni.
Dimetrodon had a sail, but other spenacodonts did not.  The lack of a sail
does not exclude members from this group.

>And I'm also not saying that Baryonyx and Spinosaurus weren't the slight bit
>related, because they were.  Baryonyx probably led to later Cretaceous
>predators like Spinosaurus and Spinosaurus had the sail because of some
>climactic feature during late Cretaceous in Egypt.
Read the paper that was just released on Baryonyx.  The authors are
certainly the authorities on the subject and they see a relationship.  By
the way, Spinosaurus might only be barely late Cretaceous.  It is listed as
late Albian-early Cenomanian.  It could also be an early Cretaceous animal.
 Baryonyx is Barremian, so it is certainly older, but a contemporary of
Becklespinax (not Altispinax, whom you refered to earlier.  Altispinax is
known only from three teeth).

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