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Re: OK Acrocanthosaurus

 Caitlin Kiernan asks:"What did get dropped from the back of a truck and
shattered into a million pieces?'
 It was a Hypacrosaurus skeleton being delivered by a shipper hired by the
commercial collectors and preparators, Canada Fossil. These are the same
folks, I believe, responsible for the eviction of Horner, Weishampel, and
Varricchio from their respective localities on the Blackfeet Reservation in
 Where else but in the good old U.S.A. could foreign commercial collectors
move in and give the old 86 to world class scientists? Check out Horner's new
book_Dinosaur Lives_for the gory details of the take-over and other required
reading (the last chapter). As mentioned elsewhere, National Treasures would
be a good idea- but one that would never work in the U.S.
Dan Varner.