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Re: fossil publicity (was: Second Thoughts on Sue)

I've been doing #'s 1,3,and 5 on your second list of what "the rest of us" 
can do to promote vp.  I work as a volunteer in the MOR in Bozeman, MT as a 
fossil preparator.  At work I do all items on your first list, as well as 
clean dinosaur bones.  In spare time I do all the items in your second list 
that I mentioned earlier.  #4 I don't need to worry about, Montana already 
has a state fossil (Maiasaura peeblesorum).  If I had a Dromaeosaur costume 
I'd do #6.  #2 I will try to do (after I find out what books the library here 
on campus already has.  I've already done one speech (about Utahraptor) in 
one of my classes.  

Larry Akins

PS. I encourage others to do stuff like this as well.

PPS. If anyone could help me out by referring me to magazines or web pages on 
dinosaur extinction (or non-extinction as some believe, including myself) and 
dinosaur-bird evolution it would be greatly appreciated.  I'm planning 
another speech on the forementioned subjects

thanks in advance.