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Sounds great in theory, but who's going to pay for digging and
preparing them?
The government? Fat chance. You'd have a lot more stuff
disintegrating in the
wind and rain than we have now, which is plenty, according to all
the government
officials who talk to us (off-the-record, of course).
Private groups? With what kind of incentive? Goodness of their
hearts? We'd need
a lot more Disneys and McDonald's with deep pockets. And I don't
think we have
that many around that are interested in vp.
Maybe we'd have to implement a rent-a-dino program so museums
could borrow them
from the government. Of course, can you see the paperwork?!!! And
there's be a
lot of little guys who'd never have a chance! As a result, fewer
people would get
to see them, and they'd be more in the big museums, such as
Chicago, and less out
there in the hinderlands where we so desperately need to
reach/educate the young
And all the independent hunters/diggers/etc., could line up at
the government
offices for hire. I know they'd like that!
I mean no disrespect to the government. But I can tell  you that
people out in
our area (Wyoming, and the West) aren't too fond of supporting
anything they
consider non-essential under the auspices of the government
(often to our own
Paul, maybe you've got a system thought out that has escaped me.
I understand
your concern, but tell me more.
(Boy, will I get flamed for this one!)
Ellen Sue Blakey, Big Horn Basin Foundation & The Wyoming
Dinosaur Center

PWSPARKS@aol.com wrote:

> Hi Gang
> This will be a flame raiser but what the hell. I submit that
certain fossils
> (and other material) should be national treasures whether it is
found on
> public or private land.