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Models (sort of ),Ignorance is bliss :-)

Hello again.I have no exp. with models but I have a rather good rex
skeleton (can't remember the name of the snap together thing but it only
costs $12.00).It is one of the more accurate Tyrannosaurus kits that
I've seen except for the position of the tail.Anyway, as soon as I
obtained this skeleton I took to it with a box knife and cut it into
many peices for repositioning.I (wrongly) thought that I could crazy
glue it back together in a more active pose.The glue won't set at all on
the hard plastic and now I'm stuck with tiny rex bits in a box.Does
anyone know what adhesive(s) I should use? And once I get it together
I'd like to restore it with some kind of sculpting clay.What do you
suggest for this?---Sorry for the typos but I'm very rushed at the
moment...Thanks in advance, Sean C.