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Egg eating

Dann Pigdon wrote:

>       Are the teeth that different from those of monitor lizards?
>Monitors are the scourge of bird and crocodile alike due to their
>fondness of eggs. They also tend to scavenge quite a bit, perhaps
>more so that hunting live prey. I'm not suggesting that dromies
>(love that word) weren't hunters. I'm just putting forward a few
>other possibilities to see what happens. If you can refute them,
>then fine, we all learn something. If not then they remain

 I think it may of been likely the dromaeosaurids may of eaten eggs on 
occasion. Eggs are easy nutrition and are quite delicious. But I do not 
see  them as habitual  eggeaters because they are too big to slip by 
nests without notice ( see Jim Kirkland's article in Dinosaur Eggs and 
Babies for more details.) 


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