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Re: Biggest Predator

>From: PELLUCIDAR@aol.com

>The recently published book "Ancient Marine Reptiles", edited by Jack
>Callaway and Elizabeth Nicholls, contains the following quote:
>*The largest Mesozoic marine reptiles include the pliosaur Kronosaurus 
>the ichthyosaur Shonisaurus, which both reached lengths of around 15 
>So Caitlin, your figures seem to err a bit on the side of caution, 
>than exaggerate the size of these amazing creatures.
>The following reference is cited for this data: 
>Carrol, R.L.  1988  "Vertebrate Paleontology And Evolution".  W.H. 
>and Co., New York, 698 pp.

Well, if Paul Willis is right, isn't this book wrong?


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