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Re: Scandinavian dinos!!!....aaaaand some spinosaur stuff....

MGibb21521 wrote:
> padron@online.no writes:
> <<Was Rebbachisaurus African? Amargasaurus was south American, but had
> probably the same climate!>>
> Yeah, Rebbachisaurus was African (Niger), and it was from around the same time
> period as Spinosaurus and Ouranosaurus.  Amargasaurus was from Argentina, but
> I think that if the sail was used for "climatic" reasons like in Spinosaurus,
> Ouranosaurus, and Rebbachisaurus other dinosaurs from Cretaceous Argentina
> would have had sails also.  It was probably used to make it look bigger to
> predators, or used as a rivalry display.  Or it could have supported a thick
> back hump.

Ouranosaurus allready had a nasal bump, which I think was for rivalry 
display. And Rebbachisaurus probably used the neck. I think the sail was 
simply for climatic reasons! 


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