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the dino arena (because all at SVP)

Larry "Raptor" Akins wrote:

>A pack of Utahraptors or a pair of Tyrannosaurs?

How many 'raptors?  6 to 8 sounds even to me.  Although seriously I doubt 
either animal would fight the other unless at a big advantage.

Anyone interested in an accumulator on a lone Deinocheirus?  To spot a 
Deinonychus pack before they see it (0.6), to stalk them (0.8), to grab one 
before they can adopt a defensive formation (0.7), to kill it without injury to 
itself (0.9), and to carry it off (0.95).

0.6 * 0.8 * 0.7 * 0.9 * 0.95 = 0.28728.  Call it 7 to 2.

                                        `Honest' Bill, the gambler's friend