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Re: Scandinavian Dinos!!!

                      Subject:                              Time:  1:15 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         RE>Scandinavian Dinos!!!              Date:  10/10/97

padron@online.no writes:

<<Was Rebbachisaurus African? Amargasaurus was south American, but had
probably the same climate!>

  About a year ago I asked Rudolpho Coria about the "sail" on Amargasaurus'
neck.  He told me that it was most likely not a sail, but rather spines.
Dinosaurs that allegedly support a sail have laterally flattened neural
spines.  Check out the shape  of the neural spines on Ouranosaurus and
Spinosaurus , or even Dimetrodon for that matter.
  Amargasaurus' neck spines resembled more spike like structures like that of
some stegosaurs.  It's dorsal vertebrae are more likely to have skin are
muscle between them than the neck is.
  Another South American Sauropod  that lived twenty million years after
Amargasaurus, and had tall nueral spines along its doral vertebrae is
Chubutisaurus ( Shake shake shake, shake Chubuti! Shake Chubuti!).

David Krentz
Disney Feature Animation