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Model Report from SVP

The exhibit area is larger and better stocked this year. Only one dealer in
resin kits: the Dinosaur Studio, http://www.dinosaurstudio.com - which will
be familiar to list denizens.

Their BRAND new release is the 1/35 Triceratops horridus. Also fairly new
are 1/35 Allosaurus fragilis, Gorgosaurus libratus and Stegosaurus stenops.
Each of these retails unpainted for $85. "Kit" is sort of a misnomer; these
are one piece, no base.

These seem to be to be very accurate; I can't pick any nits at all. Good
detail. The Triceratops has visible scutes/knobs/whatever. The theropods'
skin detail is a wrinkle effect formed of deeper and shallower scratches; I
think it would look fine when painted and viewed from a couple of feet
away, but at my preferred viewing distance (nose touching model) I like the
Triceratops better.

On display outside the meeting rooms is a beautiful grouping of three
life-size Velociraptor reconstructions, created by Guy Daroough (who does
business as Windows to the Past). Not kits. He says that these, and four
more from their pack, and the Oviraptors they are harassing, may be at
Dinofest next year.

Dennis Wilson, doing business as Pangaea Designs, has a Mononykus 1:1
reconstruction on display. Actually, he has three on the table - one
finished out to bare muscle, one reconstructed with scales, and one with

Also worthy of mention are the beautiful bronzes created by William
Monteleone, especially the one that shows two young T. rex sparring. Sigh.
I really need to become very rich and become a Patron of the Arts.

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