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More Sue Stuff

Today's issue of the Chicago Tribune says that the Field Museum may not be
able to call Sue by that name without permission from the Black Hills
Institure for Geological Research. BHIGR is allegedly (don't you just love
wiggle words) claiming trademark rights based on past marketing of Sue
parphernalia.  Although no trademark application has been filed, federal
trademark provisions can supposedly (wiggle, wiggle) acknowledge trademarks
not registered if a company or organization can prove a name was used in the
past in the marketing of products. The article states that if the FMNH
ackowledges the trademark, BIGHR would enter into a limited licencensing
agreement for a mere $750.  When it comes to corporate sponsors (like Disney
and McDonald's), it would be a whole new ballgame. Evidently, BHIGR officials
thought an application was filed in 1991, but apparently an institute
attorney at the time did not file a request.

So, how many people will flock to a 2000 opening of an exhibit for S** The
World's Most Complete T-Rex?

John P. Adamek