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Re: Biggest predator? (Fringe topical at best)

I'm sorry. You did indeed use the correct genus. I probably missed it
because it was correct. I was only refering to the other posts that used
the incorrect one.
I'm also sorry if I seem like a nitpicker, but sharks have always been my
favorite predators. 

On Sat, 11 Oct 1997 13:39:38 -0600 Shane Leuck <s.leuck@tst-medhat.com>

>In a recent post I referred to this animal by the correct genus (see 
>There weren't many references in this particular thread to the "Meg" 
>besides my
>post, so I felt compelled to declare my innocence, although I agree 
>that it is
>common to see this error.
>Shane Leuck