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Re: The Horned Dinosaurs...argh!

DinosMP wrote

>ah. How do you get such books anyway?
>Im sitting here, in Norway, noly one scientific store in all the city, 
>and it's smaller than my toilet-room! I've missed PDW, Dinosaur society's 
>DE, and now Horned dinosaurs, what will I miss next?

Try Natural History Book Services. They have mail-order service and are quite

     Natural History Book Service Ltd 
     2-3 Wills Road, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5XN, UK 

     Fax:       01803 - 865280 (International: +44 1803 865280) 
     Tel:       01803 - 865913 (International: +44 1803 865913) 
     Email:     nhbs@nhbs.co.uk
     Website (with full catalogue of titles)    http://www.nhbs.co.uk

Gautam Majumdar                 gautam@majumdar.demon.co.uk