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Re: gender

Larry Dunn wrote:
> >From: Darryl <dinoguy@interlog.com>
> >Sue is presumed to be female, due to an adaptation in her pelvis, the
> lack
> >of a first chevron, a short second chevron, and the fact that she is
> larger
> >and more robust than other T. rex specimens.  Being larger is generally
> a
> >female trait in many animals.
> I understood that in general male animals tend to be larger than female
> animals.  How indicative is the other evidence?  I ask because I've read
> it explained another way.

This is only true in mammals.  For those mammal species that show sexual
dimorphism, in most cases the male is larger than the female.  In
reptiles and amphibians, it seems to go the other way: females tend to
be larger.  

-- JSW