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Re: More Sue Stuff

JAdamek390@aol.com wrote:

>Today's issue of the Chicago Tribune says that the Field >Museum may not be
able to call Sue by that name without >permission from the Black Hills
Institure for Geological >Research. BHIGR is allegedly (don't you just love
wiggle >words) claiming trademark rights based on past marketing of >Sue
parphernalia.  Although no trademark application has been >filed, federal
trademark provisions can supposedly (wiggle, >wiggle) acknowledge trademarks
not registered if a company >or organization can prove a name was used in the
past in the >marketing of products. The article states that if the FMNH
>ackowledges the trademark, BIGHR would enter into a limited >licencensing
agreement for a mere $750.  When it comes to >corporate sponsors (like Disney
and McDonald's), it would be a >whole new ballgame. Evidently, BHIGR
officials thought an >application was filed in 1991, but apparently an
institute >attorney at the time did not file a request.


Caitlin R. Kiernan (TM)