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Carcharodontosaurus and pterosaurs question..

I have two questions.
How can you dino professors say that Giganotosaurus, Spinosaurus and 
Carcharodontosaurus was exactly 12, 12 and 14m. long? They arent known 
from anything more than _fragments_!!! They could be everything from 

I need an brain-update in pterosaurs, can some of you guys help me?
        a. Is Pterodactylus a pack-bag for pterosaurs? Why does it have 
           so many species? What about Ornithocheirus?  

        b. What are the species names for Cycnorhamphus. Kepodactylus. 
           Montanazhdarcho. Plataleornynchus. 

        c. Are there any more ner pterosaurs? species?

Thanks in advance!


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