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Re: bipedal lunges

At 05:44 PM 10/6/97 +0000, wa105@mead.anglia.ac.uk wrote:
>It doesn't seem reasonable to me, except in juveniles.  A typical 
>ceratopian had a heavy head and a long body, so its centre of gravity 
>was well forward of the hips.  I reckon it would have to raise itself 
>almost to the vertical to balance on its hind legs. 

To *balance*, yes.  But to lunge, not at all.  Ceneter of mass is of little
relevance to lunging.  The key is that forward momentum carries the body
forward on a ballistic course.  The main purpose of the rear legs in this
type of action is to sustain acceleration during the critical phase.

Just look at mountain goats butting heads - they are most certainly NOT
balanced over their center of mass during the suspended phase of the lunges.

May the peace of God be with you.         sarima@ix.netcom.com