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Two quicky non-dinosaur items and one dinosaur one

I was leafing through the local Safeway's magazine counter and came
across the new Discovery magazine which has a cover article on
'cyber-dinosaurs" or dinosaurs rendered in computers to study possible
locomotions.  Apart from the fact that they said (among other things)
that Apatasaur is quite comfortable with it's head 4 feet below ground
level, the article is interesting.

On another note-we just had a very interesting occurance offshore here
near the Farallon islands outside San Francisco Bay.  A mother Orca was
seen catching and killing a Great White Shark and feeding it to her
youngster (who aparently loved the liver).  The nifty thing was that
some of it was captured underwater on video.  Previously marine
biologists had thought these two top predators merely avoided each
other.  I've seen a Quicktime film of it on CNN.

Also seen on one of the new magazine rack (and I think it was in the
same Discovery magazine) was that many previosly orphaned-and-now-adult
African elephants in the wild, are going around and killing rhinos
(specifically) in groups (by stomping on them, laying on them and goring
them) for no better reason than the elephants were deprived of elephant
social behavior as juveniles.

           Betty Cunningham  
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