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Re: Biggest Predator

Larry Dunn wrote:
> >From: PELLUCIDAR@aol.com
> >The recently published book "Ancient Marine Reptiles", edited by Jack
> >Callaway and Elizabeth Nicholls, contains the following quote:
> >
> >*The largest Mesozoic marine reptiles include the pliosaur Kronosaurus
> and
> >the ichthyosaur Shonisaurus, which both reached lengths of around 15
> meters.*
> >
> >So Caitlin, your figures seem to err a bit on the side of caution,
> rather
> >than exaggerate the size of these amazing creatures.
> >
> >The following reference is cited for this data:
> >
> >Carrol, R.L.  1988  "Vertebrate Paleontology And Evolution".  W.H.
> Freeman
> >and Co., New York, 698 pp.
> Well, if Paul Willis is right, isn't this book wrong?
> Larry

        The mounted skeleton at Harvard measures 12.8 metres long,
however I believe there is some concern over its accuracy. I remember
a posting quite a while ago that suggested there was a new skeletal
reconstruction, or one being attempted, so it remains to be seen
exactly how long the creature is. Of course it could end up being
even shorter! There is even concern over whether the mounted skeleton
is Kronosaurus queenslandicus. The type specimen is an isolated 
mandible fragment with teeth, and I don't know that there have been
any real attempts to determine whether the Harvard creature is
the same species or not.

        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia

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