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Re: Models (sort of ),Ignorance is bliss :-)

Sean Connell wrote:
> Hello again.I have no exp. with models but I have a rather good rex
> skeleton (can't remember the name of the snap together thing but it only
> costs $12.00).It is one of the more accurate Tyrannosaurus kits that
> I've seen except for the position of the tail.Anyway, as soon as I
> obtained this skeleton I took to it with a box knife and cut it into
> many peices for repositioning.I (wrongly) thought that I could crazy
> glue it back together in a more active pose.The glue won't set at all on
> the hard plastic and now I'm stuck with tiny rex bits in a box.Does
> anyone know what adhesive(s) I should use? And once I get it together
> I'd like to restore it with some kind of sculpting clay.What do you
> suggest for this?---Sorry for the typos but I'm very rushed at the
> moment...Thanks in advance, Sean C.

You might try a two part epoxy which bonds stronger than crazy glue, but
it also is thicker so that the glue will show afterwards.  

I'd also recommend drilling and 'pegging' the skeleton-where you drill
out a small area you can put a pin in, and then drill out the
corresponding part on the matching piece.  This reinforces the area and
makes it stronger than just glue alone.

If you want to work with clay on top of this, try plastiline, which is
an oil-based clay available at most art supply stores.  It remains soft
and never hardens which means you can continue to work it till you have
things right.
(actually you may eventually have a problem with stuff settling on your
model over time, like dust and carpet fluff, which will stick, and also
problems over time like mold)
           Betty Cunningham  
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