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Re: Dino Art

> Best Dino Artist: Greg Paul/ Doug Henderson/ Brian Franczak

Is this restricted to extant artists only? If not I'll have to send the
attack-theropods over for not mentioning Knight...

> Greg Paul's black and whites are just great and he has distanced
>himself in the B/W category.
> Doug Henderson's art is the most like real enviroments of all the
>dino-artists. His animals leave a little bit ( just a little bit ) to be
>desired but his landscapes and enviroments are wonderful. His work
>reminds me of an Impressionist.
> Brian Franczak's work is good all around. His animals look like blobs
>sometimes but his painting techniques are great.
> I haven't put Gurche on this list because his works don't fit into any
>class of work. He is like the Ivan Albright has dino-art; his work is
>too detailed to be considered real.

Hmm...my favorite 3 modern artists would be Greg Paul, John Sibbick and
Wayne Douglas Barlowe.

Greg Paul: the first person who made insulated dinosaurs look
CONVINCING.His dinosaurs are brilliant and original though some of his
colour pics look a bit 2-dimensional.
Sibbick: beautiful, super-detailed but not "too real" as in Gurche.
Barlowe: while he hasn't done as much dinosaur illustrating as the others,
his          pictures capture the "other worldly' aspect of the distant
past. (e.g. his squatting oviraptor with the little crabs scuttling around)

> Just my thoughts as an art lover.
> WMattTroutman

And mine as well

Brian Choo