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At 10:00 PM 10/11/97 -0400, Tetanurae@aol.com wrote:
>HOLTZ presented a preliminary phylogeny of the Tyrannosauridae. 
>..., then _Nanotyrannus_,
>_Maleevosaurus_, leeding to an unresolved trichotomy between 
>_Tyrannosaurus rex, _bataar_, and _efromovi_. ...
>BAKKER presented ... (a tongue-in-cheek refutation of
>_Nanotyrannus_ being sunk into _Tyrannosaurus_).  ...

Alright, I am getting confused!

Is _Nanotyrannus_ a juvenile or not!?!?!?
>WITMER et SAMPSON investigate dinosaurs that had unusually large 
>nares, such as macronarian sauropods, hadrosaurines and ceratopids 
>...  While the study is still in its
>preliminary stages, there is some evidence to suggest that 
>macronarians might have had some sort of erectile tissue display
>device similar to that seen in male gharials.

I seem to remember hearing a similar suggestion vis-a-vis hadrosaurines
some years ago.  It sounded good then.

>ZHOU describes some birds from Liaoning and supports the basal bird 
>dichotemy Sauriurae + Ornithurae.  _Confuciusornis_ has a long 
>ungual claw on manual digit I and is claimed to retain a jugal-
>postorbital bar.  ...
>Lastly, CURRIE gave an impromptu talk on _Sinosauropteryx_ yesterday
>afternoon with the title "_Sinosauropteryx_: proto-feathers or 
>quill?"  He confirms many details of the creatures anatomy, for 
>instance it had a three fingered manus, with a very long ungual claw
>on manual digit I,

Intersting.  Two animals near the origin of birds with long ungual claws on
digit I.   I wonder what this means.

Could this be an arboreal adaptation?  It seems like it could be useful in
a bipedal climber (as in juvenile hoatzin).

> He demonstrated that the structures are not in the dorsal midline, 
>the are soft and pliable, and they are not imbedded within the skin.  
>The covering is apperently not of uniform thickness, and forms a 
>'corona' around the specimen similar to that seen in 
>_Confusciusornis_ found in the same area.  He also confirms that the 
>structures are indeed hollow and seem to suggest a clumping, then 
>branching structure by way of camera lucida diagrams.

Gack.  Back to being proto-feathers again (at last to my ears)!

This matter looks like it is going to take some time to resolve!

How solid are his conclusions?

May the peace of God be with you.         sarima@ix.netcom.com