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Re: Egg eating

     This is the first time anyone ever asked me to explain my ideas, so I 
may not do too well (I'm definitely no expert).  According to the size of 
most of the Dromies (less than 6 feet long) that I know.  Consodering their 
size they could probably 
raid nests quite easily.  They probably didn't only eat eggs like it may have 
seemed in my last message.  Like I've said a lot dromies probably lived in 
packs.  A lot of times, probably, one member of a pack may get "split" away  
from the rest of the pack.  That's when the Dromies probably ate eggs and small 
mammals.  In the pack I doubt that the Dromies would eat eggs that much if 
they did at all.  The larger probably rarely ate eggs.  If they ever did it 
would probably be like junk food is to humans, a treat. :-)
Like I said at the beginning of this message I'm no expert (yet), so a lot of 
these ideas may be (and according to some experts probably are) wrong.  But 
these are my ideas and unless someone can convince me otherwise I will stick 
with them, and defend them the best I can.

Larry Akins