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Dinosaur TV Day

Here are some of this week's highlights of U.S. national television 
programming concerning prehistoric animals, all times Eastern:

Sunday, October 19

TNT, 1:00am (some proclaim this "late night Saturday")
"Theodore Rex"
Dinosaur detective.  Watch as Richard Roundtree interacts with a really 
stupid-looking Tyrannosaur costume.  Shut yo' mouth, just talkin' 'bout 

Discovery Channel, 9:30am
Bonehead Detectives of the Paleoworld
Children's program about paleontology.  This episode: "Who's the 
Baddest?"  Hunt for the "most savage" dinosaur.

TLC, 3:00pm
Prehistoric Predators
An hour with everyone's favorite theropods.

TLC, 5:00pm
"Dino Diet"
Episode about just that. Features a particularly cutesy fast-food 
restaurant setting.

TLC, 5:30pm
"Treasure Island"
Madagascar yields dinosaur fossils.

Who wanted to do anything on Sunday anyway?


"Putting all reason aside
You exchange what you've got
For a thing that's hypnotic and strange"

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