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Re: Model Report from SVP

From: Steve Jackson <sj@io.com>

>The exhibit area is larger and better stocked this year. Only one 
dealer in
>resin kits: the Dinosaur Studio, http://www.dinosaurstudio.com - which 
>be familiar to list denizens.
>Their BRAND new release is the 1/35 Triceratops horridus. 

Did Greg or Dan tell any of you SVP people when the T. horridus would be 

>Also fairly new
>are 1/35 Allosaurus fragilis, Gorgosaurus libratus and Stegosaurus 

And they have a Lambeosaur too -- it's currently the largest piece of 
the line.  Hadrosaurs were big critters.

>These seem to be to be very accurate; I can't pick any nits at all. 
>detail. The Triceratops has visible scutes/knobs/whatever. The 
>skin detail is a wrinkle effect formed of deeper and shallower 
scratches; I
>think it would look fine when painted and viewed from a couple of feet
>away, but at my preferred viewing distance (nose touching model) I like 
>Triceratops better.

I think Greg and Dan go smooth with the skin unless there's evidence to 
the contrary.  It'll be interesting to see the tyrannosaur that's 
chasing that T. horridus because IIRC a tyrannosaur skin imprint has 
been found.

Thanks for the report,

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