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My baby has been born

     This is to let everybody know that the book I put together with Dr. 
     Mikey Brett-Surman, _The Complete Dinosaur_, is now in print.  Copies 
     were available at the SVP meeting, where I saw the finished book for 
     the first time.  The publisher, Indiana University Press, sold 
     something like 100 copies, and I heard a lot of talk about the 
     possibility that the book might be adopted for use as a textbook in 
     dinosaur courses.  I understand that there are more than 3000 copies 
     back-ordered, and we've already gone into a second printing.
     Should you want to order a copy of the book, IU Press can be reached 
     by phone at (800) 842-6796 or FAXed at (812) 855-7931.  Electronic 
     ordering information is available at iupress@indiana.edu
     The book sells for $59.95.
     I put 6 years into this project, and I am delighted with the way it 
     turned out.  I'll try not to bias reactions to the book any further 
     than that, although I hope the book earns several stars from whoever 
     it was that was doing those ratings of dinosaur books...