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new Gasparinisaura paper

Here's a paper just out on Gasparinisaura:

Salgado, L., R.A. Coria & S.E. Heredia.  1997.  New materials of
Gasparinisaura cincosaltensis (Ornithischia, Ornithopoda) from the Upper
Cretaceous of Argentina.  Journal of Paleontology 71(5): 933-940.

New material of the little Argentine iguanodont suggests the following
autapomorphies: four true sacrals; first sacral rib not coalescent with
second sacral rib; long pubic peduncle of ilium; absence of anterior
intercondylar groove on femur; both malleoli of the tibia approximately at
the same level; metatarsal II posteriorly compressed laterally; and low
ascendant process of astragalus.

New phylogenetic analysis keeps it at pretty much the same position as
before: closer to the Dryosauridae - Ankylopollexia clade than to Tenontosaurus.

When I unpack my free copy of Nature from SVP, I'll list the vert paleo
papers in it.

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