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Blatant book plug

The Complete Dinosaur was released at SVP. It was edited by Jim Farlow
and yours truly. Jim did most all of the work and deserves the credit,
praise, job promotion, free trips to Europe, etc. etc... Any mistakes
are mine so please send all spams, e-offal, e-curses to me. I will also
accept all ideas on what to update and add for the second edition in
2001, or maybe 2005....

Let me also add, in fairness, that the Currie and Padian Encyclopedia of
Dinosaurs was also released as was the Dingus and (Tim) Rowe book, The
Mistaken Extinction. Both books are wonderful and mandatory for any
dinosaur bookshelf. This has been a fantastic year for dinosaur books!

It was also great to meet all the faces behind the names at the Dinosaur
Breakfast. Thanks go to Mary Kirkaldy and Paul Willis for putting it all
together. Thanks also go to people like Peter Buckholz who took a chance
and spent what little money they had on our book.

This was one of the best SVP's.  See you all in Utah next year.

Mike Brett-Surman
Smithsonian Inst.

please use my new address: brett-surman.michael@nmnh.si.edu
for replies and new notes. Thank you.
Smithsonian Institution (not "institute" ;-)
Michael Brett-Surman