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Re: Sue -- fossilized bone

Here's the ref:

Schweitzer, M.H., Johnson, C., Zocco, T.G., Horner, J.H., and Starkey,
Preservation of biomolecules in cancellous bone of _Tyrannosaurus rex_,
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, Volume 17, No. 2, June 19, 1997.

The paper describes the use of Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy,
Transmission Electron Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy, Electron Diffraction
Pattern Analysis, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, and Amino Acid
Analysis to evaluate the fossil material for the presence of original bone
material.  The paper concluded that some of the material analyzed was
consistent with the biomolecules of living animals and that the results of
the tests performed suggested the presence of some molecules of dinosaurian
origin remaining in the fossil tissues.

Ralph Miller III <gbabcock@best.com> 

> From: GBT <tocabear@worldnet.att.net>
> Date: Tuesday, October 07, 1997 8:23 PM
> Jeff Poling wrote:
> > 
> > At 10:14 AM 10/7/97 EDT, Karen Seo wrote:
> > >A friend said yesterday that he'd heard on NPR or some such that
> > >Sue's bones were real bone not fossilized bone.  This seemed
> > >vanishingly unlikely after 10's of millions of years, but is
> > >there any truth to this rumor?
> > 
> >    I don't know about "Sue"'s bones, but I do know that only the
> > parts of the Wankel T. rex's bones were fossilized, with the inside
> > true bone material.  They even found what they think are red blood
> > 
-- Jeff Poling   **
> Interesting. I haven't seen the literature. Can you post it. And also,
> can we assume that if these are true red blood cells, will scientists be
> able to now construct a DNA model for T-REX.