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        I want to thank the few people who attempted to answer the
questions in my original post. You helped to point out my mistakes.
Unfortunately, you missed my point. What I wanted was recent information
about the description of this animal and some analysis of dino-bird
        After spending an evening combing the archives, and an exhaustive
search of the internet, I have discovered that this topic has been
discussed here repeatedly over the last three years and the rhetoric has
not changed.
        I've now found much of the information I was looking for, but
would appreciate any answers to the questions I posed in my second
message. I hope that someone has either new information or is able to
open their mind to possibilities without letting personal or professional
prejudices cloud their scientific judgement.
        I am sorry if I have offended anyone with my recent posts. Please
understand that my frustration stems from not being able to get
responsible, scientific answers from some of the people I've corresponded

Another note: 
        The book I was refering to did *not* state that Archeopteryx and
protoavis were contemporaries.  I was mistaken. Perhaps that is why
people have been so quick to dismiss the rest of the assertions.
Protoavis was significantly earlier than archeopteryx. I think it was 60
million years before. I have to buy the book.