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Re: Protoavis

>What do you mean by "parallel" branch? Crocodilians certainly aren't
>convergent with dinosaurs -- their niche is totally different from that
>of any dinosaur.

I mean developing separately at the same time, branching from common
ancestry. I didn't mean to imply convergence.

> 3.) It is hypothesized that ornithichians and saurichians are not
> separate groups, but that several herbivorous dinos developed the
> ornithisian pelvis independently when they branched off from
> ancestors.
>Ornithischia is a single group with a single ancestor. The only
>independent line of herbivorous, "bird-hipped" dinosaurs is
>therizinosauroids, and they aren't called "ornithischians".

I need to check my sources, I may be mistaken. I think I got my
information from Bakker in the Dinosaur Herresies. I'll get back to you
on this one.