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Re: Protoavis?

>        I'm not accusing you of dissing the man, but the more some of
>rumors get perpetuated, the worse it'll be for him. Certainly, any time
>word "hoax" is used in the context of a respectable scientist, one has
to be
>a little concerned.

I don't want to put Dr. Chatterjee down at all. I admire him for being
open minded and scientific enough to challenge the established order. My
use of the word hoax was probably inappropriate without further
clarification. When I first heard of protoavis I was not as well read as
I am now. The book that sceptically dismissed protoavis and speculated
that it was a hoax was not the best reference and was the only one I have
read that did so. I don't own the book, it was in a book store. (I need
to start buying more of the books I quote as references) Anyway, since
then I'd heard nothing more on the topic untill a few days ago. 
My point is (about time) that I want to explore the various hypotheses of
bird evolution and this particular subject seems to have the most merrit.
I'm willing to hear all the opinions on the matter and I want to expose
them to as much scientific scrutiny as possible. This list seems to be
the perfect place to do so.

Thank you *very much* for the research ref's. I will be exploring them as
soon as possible. I hope to converse with other interested individuals on
this topic in the near future.