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Re: DINOSAUR digest 444

Peter reports:
>GOODWIN et al describe yet another tiny _Triceratops_ skull with most of the
posterior elements preserved.  The parieto-squamosal frill is scalloped
extensively and shows that the exoccipitals of the adults are not homologous
to the scalloped edge in the babies.  The entire reconstructed skull is very
short in the snout and has rather substantial postorbital horns already
developed.  It is very cute.

Hrm. So Triceratops, at least, was showing postorbital horns even in the
babies? How small was this skull? What does that do to the idea that
"Monoclonius" was just the immature form of more elaborately decorated
ceratopsians? Does that mean that the disgustingly cute little baby
ceratopsian, with horns and big square frill (from Kokoro Dinosaurs) at the
Field's DINOSAUR FAMILIES display might be RIGHT?

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