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Re: Blobbiness

>Reply-To: franczak@ntplx.net

>On Sat, 11 Oct 1997 10:20:30 PDT, WMattTroutman wrote:
>> Brian Franczak's work is good all around. His animals look like blobs
>> sometimes but his painting techniques are great.
>My animals look like "blobs"? Just what, exactly, does that mean? I'm 
>sure whether or not I should be insulted.

Perhaps he means that they look like Sperm  Whales.  A sperm whale 
carcass washed up off of Wellington recently and the locals promptly 
dubbed it "Mr. Blobby" because of it's amorphous, rather stringy shape 
(local scientist think it's a P. catodon, but are not sure, hence the 
"Blobby" handle).  As you can see, I'm rather a P. catodon enthusiast.

Or perhaps he just means blobs.  There are good blobs, I guess, but I 
wouldn't want my illustrations referred to in this way.  I find 
it . . . curious . . . that this criticism was posted on a list that you 
are known to subscribe to.

I for one do not believe that your animals look like blobs.  To attest 
to this, I'd like to know how to get your new 1998 calendar which, I 
understand, has many non-blobby dinosaurs that you have not illustrated 
previously, like everyone's favorite early tyrannosaur Alioramus.

Yours blobfully,

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