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Designing Dinosaurs Dinoart Catalog

 Frustrated by $100+ dinosaur books? Me too! Stop crying those salt tears!
The Bruce Museum has published an excellent catalog of their _Designing
Dinosaurs: Solving Prehistoric Puzzles_ art show. Hawkins, Knight, Zallinger,
Braginetz, Felder, Gurche, Gurney, Hallett, Henderson, LoRusso, Paul,
Sibbick, Stout, Tricic, Walters and much, much more in a glorious full color
36 page catalog. Just send $5.00, yes $5.00 to The Bruce Museum, 1 Museum
Drive, Greenwich, Connecticut 06830-7100, and ask for the Designing Dinosaurs
Exhibit Catalog. You'll be glad you did. This does not include orders from
outside the U.S. Contact the museum if you wish to order from outside the
U.S., please. More information can be obtained from the Dinofest website
which is available as a link from the Dinosaur Society at http://
 P.S. Reproduced in the Catalog is a very fine Chas.R.Knight Triceratops that
a lot of you probably haven't seen as well as a very rare photo of Rudolf
Zallinger at work on the early stages of the Peabody Museum's great Age of
Reptiles mural. 
 Signed, Dan, "Don't say I didn't do you any favors", Varner.