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Kakuru kujani material

It has recently come to my attention that the opalised tibia of 
the Australian theropod Kakuru kujani, the where abouts of which were
largely unknown, is still in existence. The owner has expressed his 
willingness to sell the specimen. He realises the scientific value of 
the piece, but understandable does not wish to simply give it away. If 
there is any institution, preferably in Australia, that would be
interested in buying this rare and unique fossil they can reply to this
email and I will forward the message on.
        As I understand it the price is negotiable. The owner is more 
concerned with finding a home for the material where its scientific
value will be fully appreciated. It is also a beautiful specimen in its
own right. It was offered to the South Australian Museum (the state in 
which it was discovered) in 1981 after the museum contacted the owner
with the express purpose of proposing a sale, however the owner's reply 
to the museum went unanswered. It would be a pitty for it to be sold 
overseas, and despite the fact that Australian law makes this scenario 
difficult it would not be an impossibility.
        Photographs of the specimen can be found at the following URL:


        Another option is for an individual to purchase the piece in 
order to donate it to a museum as a tax deduction. If adequate 
negotiations can not be met and it remains in the current owner's hands,
then all efforts will be made by the owner to make the piece available 
to researchers who should like to examine it.
        Anyone requiring further information can reply to this email 
message (dannj@alphalink.com.au), which will be forwarded on to the 
owner of the specimen, or the owner himself can be reached at 

        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia

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