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RE: Dino Hunt

Mark wrote about Dino Hunt:

>There were a lot of good comments on the web site but this site was also
>made by the company so I doubt that they bould list out any discrepencys.  I
>am just wondering if anyone has used this game or is familiar with it.  I
>would like to know if the info. is accurate.  the web address for Dino Hunt
>is: www.sigames.com/dinohunt  if anyone is interested.

Firstly that should be www.sjgames.com, for Steve Jackson Games.  Did you know 
that Steve Jackson is a member of this list?  

I haven't seen the game yet - I'll try to have my local games shop order it for 
me.  However, I do know that Steve & his folks were meticulous in their 
research (at least into the dinosaurs, I'm not so sure about the time travel).

Somewhere the website names some of the palaeontologists who were consulted 
when the game was being designed.  Dino Hunt is approved by the Dinosaur 
Society, which checks dinosaur products for accuracy.

Nevertheless there are, or have been, a few errors in the game, some due to 
mistakes in writing and printing the cards, some due to new information 
superseding what the game says.  There is a page of errata at 

I'm just curious about one thing: one of the errata is the pronunciation of 
Deinonychus.  According to this erratum, the stress should be on the "NON".  
This seems odd to me, and does not accord with my own (limited) experience. 

Hope this isn't too much of a gratuitous plug.