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Re: India

Dear Mark and the dinolisters,

I must have missed Mark's last message, sorry!

> I need information on current status of research into dinosaurs in 
> India, known important finds, and dinosaur sites (not the exact 
> place, just the area and the type of rock).

This may be of some interest to all of you and perhaps less so for 
Mark and his nature guide.....  I recently received a letter of 
recommendation  from Dr Ahluwalia of the Panjab University for a 
student of his called Ashu Khosla (a senior research fellow).  His 
PhD was on dinosaur eggs from the Narbada River region and he has 
published with Professor Ashok Sahni quite a few papers on the 
subject since 1994.  In the same area he has found a few dinosaur 
bones which he has identified as sauropod.  He sent me some 
photographs of the bones and eggs with a view to some collaborative 
work on the topic.  If there is someone out there with the facilities 
available for post-doctoral research fellowships contact me and I 
will put you in touch.  I just wish I could help him out and be 
involved in Indian dinosaur research there!


PS the rock is Late Cretaceous Lameta Formation and appears to be a 
calcareous sandstone.
Neil 'Jurassic' Clark
Hunterian Museum
email: dinosaur@museum.gla.ac.uk