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Insectivorous Ankylosaurians

 I believe in 1926 Nopcsa suggested that ankylosaurs were insectivores. 
This has fallen from favor in light of Coomb's and Carpenter's worrk on 
ankylosaurs. But I think that in recent years much evidence has been 
acculumated to support at least a hebivorous/insectivorous feeding habit 
in ankylosaurs. 
 First of all the body style is similiar to modern insect-eating 
edentates. Low,armored body style is advantageous because it is easier 
to eat bugs and the armor can be used for defence against stings as well 
as for defence against predators.
 Second of all ankylosaurs had prehensile tongues that flipped in and 
out of the mouth like a snake's tongue. The hyoid bones were very well 
developed and they had a long entogossal process. I believe  in Gastonia 
and Pinacosaurus a "scoop" is found in the premaxxila. This would have 
allowed the tongue to flip in and out unhindered. This tongue would have 
been useful for collecting insects like an anteater. 
 These features can be made to support a insectivorous lifestyle for 
ankylosaurs, but I support the compromsse of a herbivore/insectivore 

 And while on the subject of ankylosaurs it appears that they possess 
conchae (turbinates) and they do not appear to be olfactory conchae. Any 


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