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Re: Kakuru kujani material

Jonathan R. Wagner wrote:
>         Could we suspend the rules on not allowing fossil sale
> advertisements on the list just this once, Mickey? I don't think Dann
> intended to violate the rules. He stands to gain nothing from the sale of
> this specimen, and it sounds like he was too excited about the idea of the
> specimen being returned to science to think abnout the rules. Maybe Dann
> deserves a slap on the wrist or something.  I don't recall what the sanction
> is for advertizing fossil sales. However, if my vote counts, I say mercy.
>         Also, Dann, you might wish to ask the vrtpaleo listowner for
> permission to post information there, if you haven't already.
>         Wagner

        Sorry if I infringed on the list rules. The owner, who is
now in his 60s, was concerned over the future of the material,
since his children may not have appreciated the scientific value
of the piece and anything could have happened to it. At this point
a sale is only a maybe. His greatest concern is in either finding
a suitable home for it where it would be protected, or failing that
at least letting the scientific community know that the piece was
still in existance and available to be studied if requested. I
thought the DML would have been the fastest way to achieve the latter.
        Maybe sometimes you have to tweak the rules a bit in the
greater interests of science...? :)

        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia

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