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Re: Protoavis

I have to disagree. For one thing, this is a forum for discussion of
these theories. If we aren't willing to back up our opinions or facts
with the evidence that brought us to them, then others can't adequately
evaluate (or challenge) them. I also contend that science demands that we
constantly re-evaluate old evidence to prevent us from perpetuating
mistakes and misinterpretation. 
Just where would we be without "the Dinosaur Herresies"?

>By their very nature, online discussions must proceed by relatively 
>exchanges, which means that it simply is not practical to restate 
>positions each and every time a comment is made. The *evidence* for
>dinosaur-bird origins is compelling, and there simply has been no "new
>evidence" to the contrary. New arguments from old evidence 
>reinterpreted (and
>possibly misinterpreted) do not constitute new evidence.
>Caitlin R. Kiernan