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Re: New Protarcheaopteryx specimens

Jeff Hecht wrote
>Tom Quinn wrote:
>>I looked on the site, but did not see anything on this. Could you give
>>me the full URL?
>>> This week's issue of New Scientist includes my report on two new
>>> Protarchaeopteryx specimens being studied at the National Geological Museum
>>> of China in Beijing. The best preserved one has feathers definitely
>>> attached to the wing (or front leg) and tail. The wing feathers are
>>> symmetrical, a sign that the animal probably did not fly. Age of the
>>> Liaoning deposits containing the fossils remains the subject of debate;
>>> Chinese paleontologists believe they are latest Jurassic, but radiometric
>>> dates range from about 128 to 110 million years. For details, see the New
>>> Scientist web site.
>The title is "fallen fowl," alluding to the possible loss of flight, but
>rather hiding the article from the casual browser. My apologies. And in
>response to another question, the account is based on information supplied
>by Ji Shu'an from the Beijing museum.
I am afraid Jeff's article cannot be accessed at the New Scientist website. It 
not a "linked" file, i.e., the article is listed but the full text is not 
available. I read
it in print and updated myself on the Protarchy.

Gautam Majumdar                 gautam@majumdar.demon.co.uk