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teacher needs dino info

ive joined this listserve in hopes that i can gather some interesting
information for my dinostory class.  I teach jr. high students about
dinosaurs in a small class after school.  Im learning alot about
dinosaurs myself every day.

ive found a lot of good information on the net and am hopeing that
people here can help me with my dinosaur questions that i cant answer
for the kids.

I am getting ready to discuss pleisosaurs with my students and am going
to introduce them to Nessie as a theory that there may still be a
dinosaur or two around.  I will also tell them about the japanees
fishing boat incident.

It is information like this that i am looking for.  things that would
really catch their attention and make learning about dinosaurs fun.

Please keep this in mind and pass along interesting items and especially
current new items about dinosaurs that we might discuss.

Thank you

Tim Baker

Bowie Jr. High School
Odessa, TX 79762